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Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting adds tremendous value to any home. Not only is it functional and attractive, it is also a safety feature for any property by helping to illuminate the home at night.

Modern landscape lighting fixtures are LED with extremely long lifetimes. Lights can be used for:

- Uplighting
- Down Lighting
- Walkway Lighting
- Back Lighting
_ Directional Lighting

We offer landscape lighting 

- Repairs
- Design
- Installation

Help add to the value of your home and increase after dark curb appeal by getting a free quote today!
All of the lighting options we install revolve around the plants and hardscapes throughout the property. Correctly shining lights up through certain plants and bushes can creat beautiful illumination of the subjects, making them equally stunning during the evening as during the day.

Path lighting also offers great benefits to homeowners by helping to illuminate walking areas. No need to turn on your phones flashlight and try to keep you footing, installing path lights is a great way to welcome family and friends over without having anyone lose their footing. 

There are multiple options for homeowners to choose from regarding how they want to control their new or existing landscape lighting. Lighting fixtures can be easily controlled from a switch in the house, set with a photo cell to turn on and off with the sunset and sunrise and even on your phone or tablet from anywhere in the world. 

The design options are endless when it comes to landscape lighting! Let us help add the final touches to your beautiful home with an outdoor lighting installation!
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